Our firm is comprised of expert team of legal professionals offering litigation, trial and transaction services for small businesses, and start up technology that focus on clean technology in areas of intellectual property law, new media, e-commerce, and corporate law.

Start Up and Technology Companies
In areas of technology and e-commerce, businesses have sought our services for mergers and acquisitions, sales, IP licensing and due diligence and other agreements necessary for smooth functioning of their business. As outside general counsel, we advise our startup clients on their legal needs providing guidance business issues.

  • Technology Related Transaction Agreement in phone application, social media, and online content.
  • Data Protection and Privacy.
  • Setting up Corporate Entities.
  • Setting up 501(c)(3) Entities.
  • Drafting Partnership Agreements, Shareholder Agreements.
  • Board/Shareholder Minutes and Records.
  • Joint Venture Agreements.
  • Purchase Agreements.
  • Due diligence for sale/purchase and mergers.

Intellectual Property Law
Our intellectual property services include client consultation, licensing, trademark, and copyright applications, appeals, oppositions and cancellations as well as IP licensing.

  • Intellectual Property Licensing.
  • Copyright.
  • Trademarks.
  • Trade Secrets.
  • Trade Dress.
  • Literary, Personal and Syndication rights.
  • Unfair Competition.
  • False Advertising.
  • E-Commerce.

Entertainment Law
In areas of entertainment law, we represent motion picture studios, television, music and new media companies, production companies, sports organizations, strategic investors, and individual talent on groundbreaking industry transactions. Clients have sought our counseling in areas of corporate law for entity type formation and various agreements related to their special needs.

  • Film Financing Deals.
  • Music Licensing Agreements.
  • Music Publishing Agreements.
  • Film Production Deals.
  • Art Law.
  • Film/New Media Distribution Deals.
  • Media Advertising.

Art Law
In areas of art law, we represent galleries, artists, photographers, museums and non profit organizations on various art transactions, due diligence and intellectual property issues.

  • Provenance Appraisal.
  • First Amendment.
  • Photography Ethics.
  • Counterfeiting Digital Art.
  • Collectors Dealers.
  • Moral Rights.
  • Board Compliance.
  • Due Diligence Auctions.
  • Galleries.
  • Public Art Acquisition.

FDA Regulatory
We assist our globally-based clientele with a wide range of regulatory issues, including premarket notifications, or 510(k) submissions, removals from import alerts, reconditioning requests, responses to warning letters, advice and guidance regarding FDA requirements for pre-clinical and clinical testing, and when working with CROs and other contract research organizations, and a number of other services. We also provide reviews of products and marketing materials to ensure that these products are compliant with federal laws before they are marketed and sold in the United States.Among the FDA-regulated products that we provide assistance with are foods, dietary supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

  • Regulatory Strategy, Product Development
  • Product Approvals
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Post-Approval Compliance
  • FDA Enforcement Actions & Litigation
  • Congressional Investigations & Public Policy
  • Ingredient and Label Reviews
  • Co-Branding Agreements
  • Warning Letter Responses
  • Due Diligence Reviews & Transactional Support

Business and IP Litigation
We have experience in resolving disputes efficiently representing public entities, multinational corporations, and small business owners.

Patent Prosecution Services
We advise our globally-based clientele on a wide range of issues that relate to patent preparation and prosecution, and we work closely with our clientele on long-term strategies for building their domestic (U.S.) and international patent portfolios. We have extensive experience working with clients from essentially every industry, including for example the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, healthcare, electronics, aerospace, energy, telecommunications, A.I., robotics, and a wide range of other technologies and industries. We handle all stages of building our clientele's patent portfolios, from initial discussions that involve conception of an invention, advising on inventors' rights and ownership rights, scope of patent claim coverage, filing and prosecution, "patent evergreening strategies", and a wide range of other issues to assist our globally-based clientele with maximizing the potential for commercializing and monetizing their patent portfolios.

  • Managing all aspects of domestic and international patent portfolios
  • Advising on novelty, non-obviousness, enablement, written description, utility, validity and other requirements
  • Advising on inventors' rights and ownership rights (assignments, etc)
  • Advising on the scope of claim coverage during patent preparation and prosecution
  • Advising on "patent evergreening strategies" for expanding the scope of patent protection
  • Strategies for accelerated patent prosecution
  • Strategies for filing continuation, C.I.P. and divisional patent applications, and other types of patent applications
  • Developing long-term strategies with our clientele for building their domestic (U.S.) and international patent portfolios